2018: Operation Portfolio for MFA

For my first term senior seminar for Studio Arts in College we had to write our artist statements. To this day I can still remember the comments my professor left on my solid piece.

I wrote an eloquent communication of the struggles of being in one's studio toiling away making art, searching for that one moment of clarity and vision. How each decision is a vital variable to the honesty and integrity of the piece. I wrote it was a hard process-my professor said he didn't know I could whine so much.

That idea that how I thought about art and the art process as whining has stuck with me since I graduated (it stuck with me about a lot of my life, but we're here to talk about art). It wasn't until the very end of 2017 that I began to understand what my professor was trying to get at and what I was fundamentally missing about being an artist. To be an artist you need to shut up and make art. 

A simple concept that has taken me quite some time to sort out. Here I was looking for all this hullabaloo inspiration stuff, which I can attest to, does not make art, when what I really needed to do to make art, was make art. (I never said I was a fast learner but once I get something it sticks)

Which brings me to 2018 and Operation Make a Portfolio for MFA Programs. Which is just that, I am going to make my MFA portfolio and apply to my top MFA programs. I am just going to do it, there's not going to be any divine intervention, just a lot of hard work. 

And no whining.